Series or individual production, oldtimer parts

Motorblokkok polírozása, krómozása

The core operation of our company is the surface treatment of metal (especially aluminium) products made in series manufacturing: lamps, chair parts, door handles.

The real strength of the company is the individual processing:

  • refurbishment of metal parts of oldtimer cars and motorbikes (see thematic page) 
  • surface processing of new or old individual items (see thematic page)

Surface protection: chrome plating, nickel-plating, lacquering

Once the item is refurbished and polished, we are able to carry out the surface protection through our partner companies. Thus you will find all services in one place, no need to look furher for specialized professionals. Our contracted network is able to offer the following techniques:

  • chrome-plating
  • nickel-plating
  • lacquering

For details about the techniques please visit our thematic page.